JBoss Developer Framework exists to show you, the developer, how to make the most of JBoss and Java EE 6 technologies on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss AS.

There are three ways we do this:


We start small, with the quickstarts. Each quickstart is very focused, and shows you one API, or one use case. There are about 53 quickstarts today, ranging from JAX-RS CRUD to GWT to HTML5 to transactions.


Quickstarts are great, but there comes a time in everyone's life when they want to write something other than a simple application! TicketMonster steps up to the plate at this point. Today, it's a full web-app written, with front-ends showing off the three approaches to view layers we like at JBoss - HTML5 + REST, Errai/GWT and RichFaces/JSF.

Over time, we plan to add much more to TicketMonster, as well as spin up other examples. Check out the Roadmap for more info on our plans!


We realise that there are lots of people still using older technologies such as Seam 2, Spring or Java EE 5. We've put together a comprehensive set of migration tutorials to show you how.

JBoss BOMs

To make all this possible, we've developed a set of BOMs. The BOMs start with Java EE 6, and build on that base API with JBoss extensions such as Hibernate (Search, Validator...), Errai and Arquillian. They're a great way to make sure you're using the same set of dependences that we test with!


JBoss Developer Framework 1.0 is firmly focused on education, showing you how to use JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss AS with Java EE 6.

JBoss Developer Framework 2.0 will start to add other technologies to the stack, such as Deltaspike and Aerogear. We won't be forking these projects, but simply testing and recommending a version to use (via a Maven BOM).

Get Involved

If you want to ask questions, or help out, then visit our forums (which are also mailing lists).

We'll be tweeting using the #jbossjdf tag.

We'll mostly be posting jdf related items on the jdf news feed, so if you want to keep up to date, I suggest you subscribe there.

If you are lucky enough to be coming to JBoss World, Red Hat Summit or JUDCon, then we'll be there.


05. Jun 2012, 15:36 CET | Link
shouldn't it read POM instead of BOM?
05. Jun 2012, 20:18 CET | Link

I guess this is Seam2-NG?

05. Jun 2012, 21:52 CET | Link
Sheng G.

If we are able to migrate an enterprise Seam 2 project to JEE 6, we need to find out the replacements of Seam 2's core components, e.g. security, frameworks(EntityHome), page action, and etc, in JEE 6. Otherwise, it is hard to migrate an enterprise Seam 2 project to JEE 6, except that using JEE 6 to develop a NEW project.

05. Jun 2012, 22:41 CET | Link
If we are able to migrate an enterprise Seam 2 project to JEE 6, we need to find out the replacements of Seam 2's core components, e.g. security, frameworks(EntityHome), page action, and etc, in JEE 6. Otherwise, it is hard to migrate an enterprise Seam 2 project to JEE 6, except that using JEE 6 to develop a NEW project.

Looks like that is coming in later versions with DeltaSpike integration

06. Jun 2012, 19:27 CET | Link

Great news!

24. Jun 2014, 11:53 CET | Link

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