I have just released 4.3.1.Final, the first bugfix release for Hibernate ORM 4.3. In addition to bug fixes, a few improvements of note include:

  • HHH-5289 : Improved performance of reflection calls
  • HHH-6911 : Allows reading and writing @DiscriminatorValue from/to @DiscriminatorColumn when combined with InheritanceType.JOINED (for portability with providers which need DiscriminatorColumn)
  • HHH-8865 : Added a new guide on logging to the growing set of topical guides. This is the first know documentation of any sort on using/configuring JBoss Logging, and also discusses some of the more good-to-know specific logging categories. See

See the release page for details of all changes.

Artifacts can be found in the usual places.

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