JBoss6 is out! :-)

All of the Microcontainer libs were updated to 2.2..

JSF got super cool integration:

Any many more ...

Anyway, happy MMXI ... onward to Weld!

28. Dec 2010, 23:34 CET | Link

Where is JSF and JBoss examples?

29. Dec 2010, 01:24 CET | Link

Congratulations to the JBoss team. Looking forward to working with Java EE 6 and JBoss 6 together with PostgreSQL 9.0.

29. Dec 2010, 02:04 CET | Link

Is it possible to use with jetty?

29. Dec 2010, 11:12 CET | Link
Adrian Mitev

JSF profiles is very cool feature!

29. Dec 2010, 17:01 CET | Link

Will Enterprise Support be offered immediately?

03. Jan 2011, 16:58 CET | Link
Ara wrote on Dec 28, 2010 20:04:
Is it possible to use with jetty?

Use what?

JBossAS comes with our own JBossWeb, which is based off Tomcat.

And afaik, the last version is less and less Tomcat like.

03. Jan 2011, 17:08 CET | Link
mpron wrote on Dec 29, 2010 11:01:
Will Enterprise Support be offered immediately?

JBossAS6 won't be turned into EAP6. JBossAS7 will be the base for that.

This is a community release, providing another Web Profile certified server/container.

03. Jan 2011, 17:28 CET | Link
Shelly McGowan

The Enterprise offering (EAP 6) will be based off the JBoss AS 7 release. This will include the same certified EE technology components in addition to enhanced management capabilities (domain model). More information on the JBoss EAP Roadmap can be seen in the presentation from JBoss World 2010.