I'll be at QCon Beijing, talking about some stuff I've been working on. Wow, this is like my first conference talk for a very long time. A year and a half, I think...

29. Mar 2011, 13:18 CET | Link
Alejandro Montenegro

Still remember your last about the top secret stuff you were working on so very curious about what it is, when will the rest of the world get the news? judcon or jboss world?

greetings Alejandro

30. Mar 2011, 23:11 CET | Link

qconbeijing - Gavin King April 10, 2011 10:00-10:50

Ceylon project - the next generation of Java language?

31. Mar 2011, 05:20 CET | Link

If google translated it correctly, it's mean that Gavin start to create another dynamic language for UI/view framework?

13. Apr 2011, 05:51 CET | Link

I've checked out the slides and I'm disappointed. Maybe I missed something. Is there anything - just one thing - better in Ceylon than in Scala? Or is there anything at all where Scala is worse than Ceylon?

13. Apr 2011, 08:17 CET | Link

Congratulations on the unveiling, it must be a great it is done feeling after this long time! The timing of this release doesn't have anything to do with the Java future FUD that's floating around, does it? ;-)

I'm sure the language is very well specified, taking your background in mathematics, grammar and specifications in general. Now the future lies in who will support it and how the tooling will evolve so that it doesn't become just another Scala. Esperanto and Interlingua may have great grammars but if few speak it, they can't be called great successes.

13. Apr 2011, 12:04 CET | Link

I like what I see thus far. Have you considered the 'implicit interfaces' (See Google Go) instead of explicit interface definitions?